Sandra's Bullock EP

by Demonic Sweaters

Jungle Jim 03:24
The Transit 04:55


Sandra's Bullock EP is the first release where I used an electronic drum set instead of an acoustic one. It's half ambient, half chippy drum tunes and I think it came out rather well. The download also includes a PDF of the notation for the opening track, Time Traveler's Ballad.

Track details:

Time Traveler's Ballad - Composed in Musescore 2 on Elementary OS Juno then exported the midi to Rosegarden. Fluidsynth and Kawai K1 soundfonts were used to generate piano and synth tones.

Jungle Jim - Composed in Milkytracker and drums recorded in Mixbus. Samples are from my CT370, and Fairlight CMI. Custom created drum kit on my Alesis Nitro Mesh..

Ambient Park 2 - Produced with Garageband on my vintage iBook G4 using all Garageband synths with midi controller.

Lunar Landscapes - Made with Ableton Live 9 and Windows 10, Mothman Series VST synthesizers and Alesis Nitro Mesh custom kit.

The Transit - Produced in Rosegarden for Linux running on Elementary OS Juno, and many of my custom created soundfonts such as Sundrums, Kawai K1, Casio CT370, and the Fluid GM soundfont, as well as the Hexter DX7 Emulator for Linux, and Jack-Rack.

Sandra's Bullock - Made in Garageband on my vintage iBook G4, drums are the Alesis Nitro Mesh with custom kit.


released July 14, 2019

Justin AKA Demonic Sweaters Wierbonski - Everything




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Anthill recordings is an independent record label who has been releasing music since 2005. It was founded by me, Justin AKA Demonic Sweaters.

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