Cell Phone Tower

by Justin Robert

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"Cell Phone Tower" was inspired by the huge flood of electro-magnetic energy that is constantly floating around our world in the form of wireless technology. This manipulation of the vibrations of invisible particles to our field of existence was not happening 100 years ago, and was not happening even to half the extent as is now only 15 years ago. This immediate increase in electronic manipulation of our living space is, in my personal theory, having a direct effect on our thoughts as well as our physical environment. When we move and direct energy in a space in which everything is connected, we will without a doubt manipulate to some extent all that exists in this space. Our brains and nervous systems operate with electricity, and the so called "invisible" signals traversing by means of the techniques I have used as my titles of this piece of music, such as "Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum" and "Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing" are indeed the manipulation of the very element that runs our bodies and minds.

"Cell Phone Tower" is my attempt to bring fourth these signals to the attention of the listener. Though much of this recording is scrambled and frantic, it pales in comparison as to what is really going on all around you at every second of the day.

This recording was made almost entirely with the puredata programming environment, an Akai s900 sampler, and a Ensoniq Mirage Sampler. Except the title track which was created using a Macintosh SE and the s900 using the Megalomania programming environment. And "Direct Frequency Spread Spectrum" was made using an Amiga 500 computer and the arrangement organized with the OctoMed sequencer then mixed in Protools Free on a blue and white G3 tower. All of the patches used to create it are located in the "patches" folder, with the exception of the Megalomania patches, since I have no way to get the data online. If anyone wants to hook me up with a Mac SE ethernet card, please feel free to contact me :)

Thanks to www.route66studios.com for fixing my s900 floppy drive and literally saving this recording. I highly recommend their services if you have vintage keyboard gear.

I hope you enjoy Cell Phone Tower,



released January 1, 2008

Justin Wierbonski - Everything




Anthill Recordings New York, New York

Anthill recordings is an independent record label who has been releasing music since 2005. It was founded by me, Justin Wierbonski. Most of the music on here was made by me, but I have the occasional guest release.

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